Preserve your stories for future generations.

Perfect Stories is a platform that digitally preserves your legacy for future generations.


What is Perfect Stories?

Perfect Stories is a platform that helps you capture and share stories, photos, and memorable moments with your family for generations to come. We securely store your legacy in the form of written and visual memories so you can share and reflect on your closely-held memories for decades to come.


Cataloguing your favorite memories makes it easier and more meaningful to look back on your life with clarity and joy

Showing your story to a loved one is more meaningful and clear than telling stories based on memories that may fade over time

Allowing Young parents to create a guidebook containing a repository of wisdom, lessons, and moments for their children to learn from

Aging Parents & Grandparents

Saving videos, photos, and documents as you move through important life experiences brings life back to old memories

Leaving a legacy means more than just keeping a photo album and relying on stories you tell. A digital story of your life can live on once you pass on.

Digital storytelling can help trigger memories for those who are experiencing cognitive decline

Perfect Stories ensures your legacy lasts forever.

Many memorable moments happen in life, from birthdays to starting school, having a baby, and so much more. As you grow older, you want to preserve those moments for generations to come. But as time goes on and your family tree continues to grow, memories fade and some stories get lost.

Perfect Stories captures and securely stores those closely-held memories, from the photos and videos you take to the story of lessons learned, and allows you and your family to reflect on them for decades to come.

Preserve everything safely, easily, and securely.

The Perfect Stories app is easy to use. Simply add your favorite life moments to the app and we preserve them for you. It’s like your own personal time capsule.

Start adding to your story now or start one for someone in your family. Perfect Stories understands these treasures’ importance and will ensure they are safe forever.

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Check out these special features to help preserve your stories forever!

Secure Long-Term Memory Bank

Perfect Stories is built to withstand the test of time. For a low subscription price, your fondest memories will be placed in a secure location, ready for reflection whenever you or your family is ready to look back on the past.

Upload videos, photos, and documents

No matter what type of storyteller you are, Perfect Stories makes it easy to catalog your memories.

Invite family members & friends to share memories

Give access to your loved ones so they can see your life story unfold along with you. Plus, once you are gone, we will unlock access to your account delegate so they can share your legacy.

The Man Behind Perfect Stories

Dr. Richard Shuster is a licensed clinical psychologist, TEDx speaker, and CEO of Your Success Insights. He is also the host of The Daily Helping with Dr. Richard Shuster: Food for the Brain, Knowledge From The experts, and Tools To Win At Life®.

After his own near-death experience, Dr. Shuster  realized the importance of reflection on one’s life.  Whether we are young or old, looking back on our most cherished memories is one of life’s greatest gifts. Unfortunately, memories fade as time ticks on, but if you can create a catalog of your life’s most important moments, your memories will live on, even after you’re gone.

Dr. Shuster’s clinical expertise and the podcast have been in publications such as The Huffington Post, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Inc., Real Simple,, Cosmopolitan,, Reader’s Digest, and more.

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Wheel Of Giving

For every new Perfect Story member that signs up, we donate a portion of our profits to charities that are helping individuals and families live better lives. Join us to follow the impact your membership can create!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect stories is a platform that helps you capture and share stories, photos, and memorable moments with your family and friends for generations to come.

Perfect Stories is easy to use. Simply add your moments to your app and we preserve them forever for you. You can also start a perfect stories for someone in your family as well.

Our team will be with you throughout your journey with Perfect Stories. You can always approach us incase there is an issue with your account and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

We know how much you treasure your moments. We will ensure they don’t go into the wrong hands. Please click here to take a look at our privacy policy.

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